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Permission is required to reproduce Marjorie Kreilick's artwork images or other content in a print or electronic publication, or in another format or medium. Please submit your permission request for consideration to the Foundation at:

Marjorie Kreilick Legacy Foundation
℅ William C. Whitford
1047 Sherman Avenue
Madison, Wisconsin 53703
via email at: info@marjoriekreilick.org

Requests must include:  
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Details on the requested use:

Include as much detail as you can: the image(s) or other content you wish to reproduce, your planned format of reproduction (e.g., print, cd-rom, e-book, online), the title of publication, name of publisher, lifetime printing or number of anticipated users, territory of distribution, tentative date for publication, and tentative price to be charged.

Educational Use: Marjorie Kreilick Legacy Foundation Inc. offers permission for limited reproduction of the images and content on this site for educational, non-commercial purposes only, ie: face-to-face classroom instruction and online education offered to students by nonprofit educational institutions. 

Please include the following credit line: 

Marjorie Kreilick Legacy Foundation Inc. – MarjorieKreilick.org